NNN Retail Advisors recently completed the sale of a brand new 2021 absolute NNN Mcdonald's ground lease in Houston, Texas. The McDonald's is strategically located on the east side of Cullen Boulevard just north of Sam Houston Parkway (101,000 cars per day traffic count) McDonald's has an investment grade rating of BBB+ by Standard and Poors.. "/>

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NNN Properties For Sale Less Than $1 Million. There are multiple NNN Properties For Sale in the market for less than $1 Million and $1.5 Million threshold. At CASABLANCA we specialize in NNN Investment Properties and 1031 Exchange in FL, and Nationwide USA, and we can assist you finding and negotiating the best NNN property according to your ....

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Triple-Net lease ownership is great for first-time real estate investors as well as for long time investors seeking purchase or trade into less complicated real estate investments. In many cases, when the lease expires, you will own the property free and clear. The price range for a NNN lease property is generally between $1 million - $7 million..

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NNN (Triple-Net) Lease Properties Explained. These real estate investment properties are typically retail, office, or industrial buildings, and are leased by a single company. Generally, these leases are long-term and lock in the tenant for a period of 10, 15, or even 25 years. In addition, the leases usually have small annual increases (rental.

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Pharma Property Group has exclusively listed three NNN Walgreens for sale on the West Coast and Mountain West totaling $22,611,892 in value with an average lease term of 12 years and all have 10 (five-year) options. The first NNN Walgreens for sale is located in Fairbanks, Alaska and has 14 years of lease term remaining before the 10 (five-year.